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Dec. 1st, 2004 @ 01:10 am Dance of the Artist
So.. we are so postmodern!

Instead of discussing the books that much...we will make dance videos of them!

First up: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man...

Here are some of the things I've been thinking of...what do the other book club members think?

1.Should the work we make deal with hellfire vs salvation or spirituality vs secularity (uh is that a word?)?? Or both?? Whores and/or devils? Virgin Mary or young innocents? Innocence vs Maturity??

2. We have already established that Genevieve will be the bad one this time...but which thing/concept/etc does Daedalus consider most"bad"? Any costume ideas?

3. I was thinking that since Daedalus goes from sinning to praying to not caring at all (or so it seems) about his soul, that maybe the good and bad elements would start out very defined and then get more and more ambiguous...maybe Gen and I would change costumes as good became bad etc.

4. Mirrors. I feel like there should be lots of mirrors...maybe mirrors reflecting mirrors that show a hand writing or something. This will make the camera work more fun...and by "fun" I mean "difficult."
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